Graphic Design

Yes it’s been created. It’s interactive — click and zoom in on one of the elements, click again and zoom out. Learn this backwards and forwards – there will be a test next week.

Periodic Table of Typefaces (click image to link):



You may have seen this already but …

Daniel Rozin is an artist, educator and developer, working in the area of interactive digital art.  He’s created a wooden mirror — but there is trick to it, as there is with all things magic …  We hear he has one mounted on his bedroom ceiling which is probably very distracting …

Take a look at his other work (there is other “mirror” magic to view):
Daniel Rozin’s website
.  We think he’s got a mirror thing going …

The Mirror in action:

So – we were reviewing our bookmarks, clearing some out and adding a few new ones, and came across a little gem of a website. Free repeating patterns for easy download.  But the catch — you can search by color which helps when trying to find that one that fits.

The website is Pattern 8
Some examples available are below:

Hello everyone — we just wanted to let you know we launched a new website over the weekend.
It is much more interactive than the old site — which was getting stale —  This new site contains more specifics and individual pages highlighting our various projects over the years. We have also incorporated some social networking and sharing options.
Check it out, explore, let us know what you think — and if you know of a business in need of a little design help — point them our way.  Thanks!

The new website