2009 Idea Awards

We want everything we see. Click the image to view beautiful things.

The Idea Awards 2009

The Idea Awards 2009


Periodic Table of Typefaces

Yes it’s been created. It’s interactive — click and zoom in on one of the elements, click again and zoom out. Learn this backwards and forwards – there will be a test next week.

Periodic Table of Typefaces (click image to link):


Repeating Patterns (free)

So – we were reviewing our bookmarks, clearing some out and adding a few new ones, and came across a little gem of a website. Free repeating patterns for easy download. But the catch — you can search by color which helps when trying to find that one that fits.

The website is Pattern 8
Some examples available are below:


Not for use while … or with …

So, we were unpacking a trusty new hp printer/copier. Removing it from the box we noticed a medium sized plastic bag that contained a few loose items. Something on that bag caught our eye and then laughter erupted. This must be posted!

So, was hp trying to tell everyone in the universal language of graphic symbols not to use this bag while singing? or perhaps “not for use on infants learning to crawl?”

We particularly enjoy the attention to detail, like the diaper on the baby and the look of desperation on that hyperventilating individual .

Most likely, many meetings were held and hours spent designing these symbols – “to include to not to include a diaper? that is the question…. ”

Really, however – they are effective in getting the point across and we all know what these symbols mean. And isn’t that the point?

Not for use with babies or while having troubles swallowing ...

Not for use while singing or for crawling infants.


Typography Two Ways: Calligraphy With a Twist

While enjoying the morning coffee, we ran across this interesting little slide show over at Wired.com — now we have to try it out and create one ourselves.

They are “ambigrams” — symmetrical text that reads both ways when viewed upside down. It’s much harder to do than you may think and certainly something we’re not prepared to tackle until after the morning coffee.

Enjoy for now and go visit Wired.com to view more.


Graphic Design Heroes Tshirts

Geeky – and we want them all.



Currency Design

Ok – with stock markets sinking as of late – we thought we would help with a link to money.

Well, the design of money anyway – click below:

Currency Designs from around the world

The webdesign needs some help but the links work fine. Individuals have donated scans of currency from around the world – from the early 20th century to present day.

So – the oil rich countries have all the money now so – do you want to see the
Riyal from SAUDI ARABIA?

How about Riyal from QATAR?

Or if you just want get away from all this stock market mess – and want see a Kina note from PAPUA NEW GUINEA they have that too.



Idée Multicolr Search Lab for Flickr

We’ve been looking through our Delicious Bookmarks today and found this interesting little tool that was filed away for just this occasion.

So – your only wish is that you could search the tens of millions of photos on flickr by overall color.
Well – poof – your wish is granted by those people at Idée. This is a very useful tool is you’re looking for images that match with your design idea, or a background image, or just a nice aesthetic to your blog.

You are able to search by up to 10 colors, although we have found 2-3 to be ideal to finding that perfect match. Just select the color on the chart at the right and to remove that color from the search, click the trash icon in that color bar.

TIP: in the navigation address of the URL the color is specified at the end of the URL by the Hexidecimal number – a combination of 6 letters or numbers. A bright yellow for example is “f2eb35” – this number can be found in photoshop in the bottom left of the color picker (CS2). Just change the numbers at the end of the URL to search for a specific color with your design.

Some samples searches with color choices at right.
Click on them to search for yourself.


Polish Film Poster Design for American films

Found this website today — much better design than the commercialized, all actor’s heads put together in photoshop work – like most film posters in the US now.

50 incredible Film Posters from Poland

Apocalypse Now & The Empire Strikes Back, as designed in Poland

Apocalypse Now and The Empire Strikes Back Movie Posters, as designed in Poland.


Great Business Card Designs

So – we ran across these websites a number of months ago.

While some of you may have already visited, it is worth a second trip.
Great ideas and simply good design.

42 Great Business Card Designs

9 Unusual Business Card Designs



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