2009 Idea Awards

We want everything we see. Click the image to view beautiful things.

The Idea Awards 2009

The Idea Awards 2009


Tranlucent Concrete

An amazing relatively new builing material. The studio went to an exhibit in 2006 in Washington D.C. at the National Building Museum. The exhibit brochure still currently resides on our bookshelf.

Translucent Concrete or Light-Transmitting Concrete
Made by a company named Litracon based in Hungary.



Flexible Love (furniture), and not what you’re thinking.


OK – what’s going on with that product name? — Because it’s lovably flexible?

Either way it’s a really cool piece of furniture that can easily expand and transform itself into a long sofa, snake-like seating or, as the three year old in the last video puts it “a little chair.” It’s made in Taiwan and was created by a design student. And it’s awesome. And we want one.




Product demo —

So easy a three year old can do it (and maybe make a little chair):



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